Subjects of Technology in THAT.


Subject 1.Drawing  Cutting system. It squares and Triangle. Basic norms. Exercises of cutting System



Subject 2 Madera The Wood. Wood types. Boards. Wood types. Form to unite wood pieces. Treatments and system of protection.


Subject 3. Metals. Ferrous and nonferrous metals. Alloys. Steel, Copper, aluminum. Systems to obtain the pure metal.


Subject 4. Structures Basic elements in the structures. Types of beams. Stable and unstable systems. Triangulation.



Subject 5. Electricity  Electrical magnitudes, law of Ohm, circuits series and parallel To carry out the tasks regarding electricity of the following page Activities of electricity


Subject 6 Computer science. Basic components of the computer. Cards, peripheral, the microprocessor.


Details of the courses of Technology

PlasticsSubject 1 PlasticsPlastic types. Methods of manufacture. Mechanized union and system of


CosntruccionSubject 2 Matters of ConstructionMaterials for the construction. Ceramic, glasses, cement, concrete Properties and applications. Important elements but in the building


mechanismsSubject 3 Mechanisms Mechanisms and Machines. Gear, pulleys, blocks and tackle, steam engine, gasoline motors, motors to reaction


technology tasks

1 Evaluation Questions regarding the 3 first subjects. Plastics, elements of Construction and Mechanisms


technology tasksMechanisms.Problems of mechanisms



electricity subjectSubject 4. Electricity  Electrical magnitudes, law of Ohm, circuits series and parallel.


subject energySubject 5. The Energy Types of Energy. Production and transformation. Electrical energy

technology tasks

Activities 2 Evaluation Activities of the subjects of Electricity and Energy


computersSubject 6 Design with the Computer Programs of graphical design. Types of graphical archives. Differences in between vectorial image of points and


Subject 7 Calc the Leaf of C¡lculoHoja of calculation. Formulas and diagrams. Operators



InternetSubject 8. Internet. Computer science networks. protocol TCP/IP. Systems of data transmission. Copper optical fiber, even.




Subjects of Technology of 4 THAT

subjects of electronic

Subject 1. Basic electronics. Components liabilities and assets. Resistance, condensers, semiconductors.


technology tasks

  Subject 2. Digital electronics



faucet icon

Water facilities . Circuits of cold water and warm up. basic elements. System of water-drainage




fireSystems of Heating . Electrical gas systems and. Gas boilers. Components of an installation of radiators





Subject 3. Robotics. For this subject, we are going to work with the Arduino plate being realised the following practices1 Encender a diode  2 Medir the distance with sensor HC-SR04



Projects of Technology

diodes leds

Bucket with diodes leds Wood bucket with faces designed by students with the function of environmental light.


diodes leds

Lamp with Leds Construction of a lamp with diodes of high brightness and 4 CD. We take advantage of the feeders mobiles, routers, etc that we did not use at home



Details of the courses of Technology

1Actividades  Questions to study in 1 evaluation

Diagrams of balance Diagrams of balance, solidus curves.

Constitution diagrams

Electrical motors Type of electrical motors. Motors of cc and ca. Synchronous and asynchronous

Oxidation and Corrosion Oxidation and Corrosion in metals

Principle of electrical machines  General foundations of the electrical machines

Problems of structures Problems of Crystalline structures

Materials Problems of Materials

Solid solutions Solid solutions of substitution, ALLOY BY SOLID SOLUTION OF INSERTION

Transformations solid state

Contents of Technology

Technology of THAT. Contents of THAT

The subject of Technology in 2 of THAT (3 hours) and in 3 (2 hours) must as Objective make arrive at our students the knowledge and basic principles of the Hosting technology in its different scopes
We must consider that aside from including the purely theoretical concepts, we have:

  • To develop the capacity to communicate and to understand words related to technical subjects.

  • To learn to use communication and sources of intelligence in Internet and texts.

  • To acquire a minimum vocabulary related to the fact that is used to them the future for MINIMUM .CONTENIDOS AS 2 AS THAT
    It is considered that a student has surpassed the objectives of the matter when their knowledge on the following contents are acceptable. Within the theoretical contents:
  • Phases of the technical resolution of problems.
  • Technical drawing: cash settlement, plants and profile.
  • Materials and wood: general classification of the materials and wood.
  • Metals: properties.
  • Ferric metals: properties and general classification.
  • Structures: used definition and elements more.
  • Electricity: electrical magnitudes and law of Ohm. Effects of the electrical current.
  • Computer and its peripheral ones: distinction between hardware and software. Their peripheral connection and types of.
  • Software: functions of the operating system.
  • The text processor: office automation definition. Practical text manipulation.
  • Internet: Internet definition. Use of the e-mail.
  • In the Part of Projects:
  • Correct handling of tools and machines.
  • Respect to the security norms.
  • Correct work in group.
  • Suitable behavior.

2 E.S.O.

During 1 Evaluation the following contents will be developed:

  1. The technological process.
  2. Technical drawing.
  3. The wood.
  4. Metals

Throughout 2 evaluation, the following contents will be developed:

  1. Structure
  2. Electricity.
  3. The computer and its peripheral ones.

In the course of 3 evaluation, the contents to develop will be:

  1. Internet.
  2. Software.
  3. Text processor.

Minimum contents of 3 THAT

Theoretical contents:

  • Plastics: definition, properties and general classification. To know some example characteristic of each type.
  • Construction equipments: characteristic classification and examples.
  • Mechanisms and machines:
    Pulleys and blocks and tackle.
    Mechanisms of transmission: laws.
    Mechanisms of transformation of movements.
    Thermal machines: internal and external combustion.
  • Electricity:
    Electrical current.
    Basic symbolism.
    Electrical magnitudes and measurements.
    Law of Ohm. Power and energy.
    Connection in parallel.
  • Energy: map of the energies.
  • Graphical design: planes limited with QCAD.
    Spreadsheet: the electrical invoice.
    Computer science networks: handling of the mail and the blog. Projects.
  • Correct handling of tools and machines.
  • Respect to the security norms.
  • Correct work in group.
  • Suitable behavior.


Conceptual contents:  A value of 40% of the final note will occur them.
Procedural contents: Its S-value of a 40% of the final note.
Part of the subject in the factory will be developed, reason why high separated east is going to have an importance. In addition, problems, activities, works, dedicated server search of information on the internet will be realised.
Typical works for 2 of courses are the construction of a realised simple element with wood (box, house of bird, etc) that allows to a first contact with the classroom and its components them (tools, machines, method of work.)
Another typical work is the accomplishment of a drawbridge with system of aims of cart and electrical commutators
Actitudinales contents: Rest of the final note corresponds to them 20%.
One is a subject where the work in group is very important, therefore the coexistence must be the correct one in a class and one is due to know how to respect to the others and the different ideas or opinions that these can have.
On the other hand, a good predisposition will be valued in this section towards the Technology and knowledge to value the importance of this subject and its different applications, as well as the use that of her can be done at present through computer since we were in a society of the Information and the Communication, and is basic to know how to communicate through him.

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