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The Top Three Reasons Why You Should Choose Bunk Beds

Choosing children’s discounted beds is much more fun these days than it was just a few decades ago, due to the many innovative and fun designs available. Bunk beds have been a popular item for children’s bedrooms since the 50s and are still one of the best purchases you can make for a child’s bedroom today.


Choosing new furniture for your home is a major purchase, because typically most householders can only afford to replace large items once every five years or so. Bedroom furniture is especially important, as we spend more time in bed than in any other part of the house.


Bunk beds make optimal use of limited space


It is believed the first bunk beds date back to ancient Egypt, as there is evidence they used a type of loft bed that sometimes incorporated two sleeping spaces; one above the other. Whether they used this type of sleeping arrangement due to space issues is unclear: but in Britain bunk beds have been used for many decades in rooms that have limited space. These include small rooms in a home, dormitories in boarding schools, and military camps. Bunk beds are also a common feature seen on sailing vessels from large cruise ships to small cabin boats. Using bunk beds in a small bedroom allows two people to sleep in the room, while only taking up the same amount of floor space as one person. The saved space can then be used to add a desk, wardrobe, or other useful storage item to the room.


Bunk beds look fabulous


Although in the 60s and 70s bunk beds were very plain affairs, and usually just consisted of a plain metal frame with two mattresses and a ladder, these days there a wide range of bunk beds at reasonable prices that look fabulous. Ugly and boring children’s bedroom furniture is a thing of the past; and today you can buy bunk beds designed as tree houses, double decker buses, and pirate ships. For girls, there are fairy tale princess castles or Cinderella carriage bunk beds.


Some of the larger constructions also incorporate ample storage space into the bunk bed. You will find beds with drawers beneath the lower bunk, cupboards built in under the steps that lead to the top bunk, or wardrobes attached to the side of the bunk. Because these beds are often painted in bright bold colours, they cheer up even the smallest room that would otherwise look dull and dreary due to limited space.


Children love them


Young children have always been enthralled with the idea of climbing up a ladder to go to bed. In the past the child who would be sleeping on the bottom bunk would be disappointed, because the bottom bunk did not offer any special features. However, nowadays children will often also fight to see who will sleep in the bottom bed, as theme bunk beds have cozy little lower sections that are often completely enclosed as part of the design. The child can imagine himself to be a pirate, spaceman or a caveman enclosed in his own little hideout when nobody else can enter.

The Importance of Cleaning Your Roof

Looking up at your roof and seeing bright green moss and dirty brown stains doesn’t fill you with joy, so why put up with it? As homeowners, we try to keep our houses in top shape – but sometimes the outside can become neglected.


Cleaning your roof is a challenging and time-consuming task, but there are major benefits to keeping it up regularly. Roof cleaning Stockport services advise to clean your roofs regularly, and with reason.


Avoids Algae, Moss & Stains


Your roof is exposed to the elements all day, meaning dirt and debris accumulate quickly. Sometimes normal rainfall is enough to wash off excess dirt and mess, but when it comes to algae’s and mosses, it won’t quite do the trick.


Algae is the can be either black or a blue-green shade. The more shaded and damp the area, the more likely that algae will grow. Algae also contains many different types of mould. Moss is another threat to your roofing, as unlike algae, it’s an actual plant. It has a shallow root system and requires more moisture in order to stay alive.


Potential Damage to Your Roof


Keeping the likes of algae and moss on your roof can cause serious damage, especially if left there over long periods of time. Roof cleaning Stockport services warn that leaving these infestations on your roof can lead to wood rot and shingle deterioration and cleaning your roof will minimise this threat.


Algae is a bacterium that feeds off of limestone and asphalt, meaning that these organisms are literally eating away at your roof tiles. Not only that, but it’s been found that roofs with algae stains obtain more heat.


Prevents Future Growth


Once you’ve removed the stains and unsightly growths from your roof, you can take further steps to prevent the regrowth of these nuisances. You can also use a roof cleaner that’s designed to prevent the growth of external substances, especially if reapplied every 18 to 36 months.


You could also discourage the algae and moss growth by trimming tree branches, cleaning your gutters regularly and making sure that your roof has proper airflow.






Professional Cleaning


Going DIY on your roof has its perks, but ultimately can become an incredibly time-consuming task. That is why it’s advised to contact a professional roof cleaning company to do the hard work for you.


A majority of roof cleaning companies will also use biodegradable substances while cleaning your roof, meaning that the process is also eco-friendly and avoids the use of bleach-based products.


Contact Your Roof Cleaning Stockport Services Today


Have you noticed the accumulating growths on your roof, but not had the time to get around to checking it off your to-do list? If you answered yes, then contact Just Clean services today.

Just Clean provide professional roof cleaning Stockport services, keeping your roof looking its absolute best at all times. If you need any advice or want to book a service, call Just clean on 0161 327 2085.


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The use of metal in construction

Metal, industrial and utilitarian in appearance, is frequently used as a material in modern construction, either as a structural element or as a finish for interior coverings. Steel is synonymous with immense skyscrapers, but nowadays it is used more and more in interior furniture coverings: tables, chairs, countertops, etc. The metal and its cold aesthetic, is a resistant material, durable and invulnerable to insects.

However, from the environmental point of view, the use of metal in construction is very problematic. It is the construction material with the highest energy consumption, approximately 300 times more than wood.On the other hand, with the exception of zinc and tin that are becoming scarce, metals are very abundant in nature, which does not prevent their extraction from implying the destruction of natural habitats, and that their processing is significantly contaminating.

What is metal?

Metal is a material with high thermal conductivity, that is to say, very conductive of heat, which can suppose, in certain situations, problems of thermal bridges that can compromise the energetic efficiency of the building and favor condensations and apparitions of mold. Therefore, the use of Metal Building in Phoenix must be the product of a detailed technical study, especially when it comes to elements that are going to be subjected to inclement weather.

Advantage of using metal in Construction

Faced with these drawbacks, it is important to point out that the use of metal in construction can bring great advantages, although it is a relatively expensive material, its recycling is much more profitable than that of other materials. For example, a third of the existing aluminum is recycled, half of the iron needed to make steel is used, and the steel industry, in general, has a recycling rate of 68%.

There are in the construction structural beams and nails that have a content of recycled steel that can reach up to 90%, even some architects employ beams or structural elements reused from previous constructions.

In the case of using metal in recycled construction, the energy impact is considerably reduced. For example, the recycling of aluminum consumes only 5% of the energy that would be used to extract it and obtain the virgin aluminum.

There are detractors of the use of metal in construction for the aforementioned environmental reasons, however, its defenders allege aspects such as durability, stability, speed of execution or the fact that they cannot be attacked by insects, as the main advantages of the use of metal in the construction sector.

Recycle the metal

A good way to recycle the metal is to use used elements such as nails, plates, structural beams, etc., which can be used as elements of coverings suitable for indoor environments.

Today, there are architects’ studios, which base part of their designs on the strategy of using metallic elements for the construction of their new buildings: industrial remains, oil deposits, concrete mixers and shipping containers, etc.

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