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Courses of Technology

Details of the courses of Technology
Course Subject Hours
2 of THAT Technology. To see Contents 3
3 That of THAT Technology. To see Contents 2
4 That Technology and Computer science in 4 3 each
1 Baccalaureate Industrial technology and Technology of the information 4 each
2 Baccalaureate Industrial technology 4

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To summarized way, the contents that we tried for the technology that are:

  • In 2 course, the blocks of Drawing, the wood, the metals, the structures, the electricity and Computer science.
  • In 3 course the blocks are Plastic, construction equipments, mechanisms, electricity, energy and the subject of computers
  • Reflection

On our matter

That it is the technology
Wednesday, 07 of Julio of 2004 09:54

The technology is the process by means of which the human beings can modify the nature to satisfy their desires and needs. For the majority, nevertheless, to think about technology is to think in terms of devices and machines as computers and software, airplanes, chemical agents, purifying of water, contraceptive pills or mobile phones, to mention some. But the technology is more than these tangible products.

The technology begins in a simple sketch where an idea is shaped and finishes in a finished product and for it a set of processes that happen through manufacture, design equipment, security, of marketing is necessary.

The used knowledge and processes to create technological elements (engineering) have undergone an enormous height lately.

How we can imagine this planet without technology or at least without this technology, it is an exposition that nobody wants to become.

In order to create technology it is necessary to understand the nature and the rules that govern it and for that reason the knowledge of why€ and how€ of the nature is vitally important. Of it the physics or chemistry is in charge to other sciences as.

Other factors that they include in the creation of technology elements are the cost, the trustworthiness, security, environmental impact, ease of use, the human and material resources, the manufacture, governmental regulations, laws, and even political. In summary, the technology necessarily passes through science and engineering.

If we looked for contended of technology that, then we are in a Web that can help him for the classes of the students of secondary which they have this subject in the educative centers.

Present projects:

a ) Lamp with diodes LED

We are doing it Well?
Wednesday, 07 of Julio of 2004 12:00
Everything is not being made well. Without a doubt, the technological advances that we enjoyed nowadays do the easy life to us but, but, to what price?

It enters some of the consequences for the environment we emphasized

The technological product use and manufacture require to consume fossil fuels, the amount is reduced that we have, and when burning itself, carbon dioxide is emitted in the air, giving rise to the greenhouse effect
The consumption does that forests, the water-bearing ones, and other natural resources put in danger for the coming generations
The over-exploitation of alive€ natural resources as the fishing, puts in serious danger the biodiversity of the planet.
Desire to control the natural resources has brought about the war in diverse points of the planet (war of Iraq)
We must have presents that we only are of passage in this wonderful planet. We are not owners of the planet and therefore, we must show respect at the time of creating some technological knick-knack.

Where We go?

The technology offers the opportunity to us to enjoy the natural resources for our well-being. If we did not use well these resources and responsibly respectful, we will be sentencing the coming generations

They told me and I forgot it; I saw and I understood it; I did it and I learned it.€
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