Programming cycle Facilities telecommunications

Guide of work of the modules of the average cycle of Facilities of telecommunications.


  1.  Guide of Infrastructure work of System and data networks of telephony. Temporalizacion.
  2.  Guia de Instalaciones de Radiocomunicaciones 2 course
  3. Guia de Libre configuration 2 €˜course
  4.  Criteria of evaluation of   Infrastructures of System and data networks of telephony. Temporalizaci³n.
  5.  Criteria of evaluation of Facilities of Radio communications 2 course
  6. Criteria of evaluation of Free configuration 2 course


1 Infrastructure of System and data networks of Telephony

17/10/20173 €˜hourDelivery of works Subject 1
To raise them DRIVE
Resolution of all the activities of subject 1 in format pdf
20/10/20174 €˜and 5 €˜hourExamination of subject 1To study the subject next to the complementary material of the Web
24/11/2017Delivery of activities of the blog. Subject 2a) Activities of Subject 2 of the blog (except the related thing to canalization)
b) Questions of Subject 2 of the book. Page 53
c) Activities of page 54 (except those of canalization)
1/12/20172 control 1 evaluationThe examination will be based on the seen theory of subject 2 next to the complementary materials of the blog (theory and activities)
15/12/2017Examination of recovery 1 evaluation
12/12/2017Delivery of practices 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5To create a document pdf with the name you practice 1, where all the are detailed to the development you practice of 1 evaluation
26/01/20172 hourDelivery of practices of tracerTo create a folder in drive that is called to tracer. To include in her the pdf next to the archives of the activities
26/01/20172 hourDelivery of the technical project of office of groups B and CTo create folder with name office and to include in her the pdf of the activity next to the spreadsheet of the budget. To see details of in practice 7
Note: They do not have to give it who been have mounted the network in the classroom (group A)
09/02/20182 hourTechnical delivery of Office (group A) and practical evaluation switch of group B

2 Facilities of Radio communications

11/01/2019Questions of the subject
They are individual. Perhaps it is asked in class
18/01/2019Examination of the subjects
In the first subject, to make the questions at the end of the page. Of that page, to make emphasis in the digital systems and the questions that become
31/01/2019Delivery of activities of the subjects
01/02/2019Examination of the contents of the previous section.
08/02/2019Delivery of the practices of assembly of antennas (terrestrial and parabolic).
One is due to give to a pdf with all the activities related to the ground antennas and parabolic collections in the subjects before mentioned
22/02/2019Delivery of activities of radio and movable telephony and examination of
It must contain each one of the steps, next to photos of the measures
08/03/2019Control on the subjects
Delivery of free drawing using some of the programs of technical design Qcad, autocad, etc
15/03/2019Examination of 2 evaluation.
Delivery of radio link practices
22/03/2019Eval recovery of 1 and 2

3 Free configuration 

12/10/20173 €˜hourYou practice 1, 2 and 3Details in the Web
24/10/2017You practice 4, 5 and 6
14/11/20176 hourPractices 7.8 and 9
15/12Practices 10 and 11JK. Intermittent circuit and water Pump
19/014 hourPractices 1, 2, 3 and 4 1 must rise in a single file with a small legend that explains how each block works

4 Criteria of evaluation of   Infrastructures of System and data networks of telephony. Temporalizaci³n. 

The following Criteria of evaluation, are also applied to the module of Facilities of Radio communications (2 course)  



 Introduction. In order to establish an equal frame for all, establishing some unique rules to describe each student, settle down some criteria to put a note, being understood that, many of the aspects cannot be totally objectives, dice their creative character, as for example, offer better solutions for certain problems. In any case, these aspects are limited by the own consideration of notes

 The criteria of qualification of the contents conceptual and procedural they will be based in the principle of consideration, applied on each one of the aspects that conform the elements of qualification of the work units.

The levels of profit used to evaluate each one of the Units of Work are those that settle down in the following table:

Level of Profit












Smaller level of profit Greater level of profit


In the process of evaluation and qualification the following factors will be had in consideration:

5,1 Attendance to class:

En the formative cycles, and had the special characteristics of the theoretical formation - practical, special attention to the attendance to class is had. It will be allowed at the most of 25% of lack, of the total of the hours, and if it is surpassed, the right to the continuous evaluation is lost.

On the other hand one will value his interest, order and cleaning at work.

5,2 oral and written Expression

The capacity on the part of the pupils will be valued positively to express ideas of oral and written form, to take part in class being known to listen and to respect to the others.

5,3 Resolution of problems

The aim of the formative cycles, is the labor world, and as main aim, it is to determine the problem, to take part and to solve. Therefore these capacities for the resolution of problems will be valued positively.

5,4 thematic Activities and works for theoretical knowledge acquisition

Valuation of the activities of application, development and consolidation propose and realised as much in class as at home in each one of the different didactic units.

5,5 Work in group.

One will positively value the attitudes and capacities of the students in the collective practical activities, becoming the classroom a test place on the relations of the work surroundings.

5,6 Controls

Tests that determine the reach of the successful objectives. At least one theoretical test by each didactic unit and another practice will be realised when it comes.

6 Procedure of evaluation:

Every trimester will be realised a partial evaluation. The students and students who approve all the partial evaluations, will have the surpassed module.

In order to be able to surpass each evaluation they have themselves to have realised all the propose practices and tasks in the corresponding dates, as well as to obtain a greater average note or just as 5 of the controls, as much theoretical as practitioners. In order to be able to make this average a minimum qualification of 4 will be due to have, in each of them, except point 3 (cleaning and order)

The final qualification of the trimester will be realised according to the following consideration:

  1. Obtained average qualification in the theoretical tests: 50%

  2. Obtained average qualification in the works, practices and exhibitions: 40%

  3. Qualification on cleaning and order at work 10%


The final qualification of the course will be constituted by the arithmetic mean of the qualifications obtained in every trimester, being condition indispensable, for the final positive evaluation, to have obtained in each one of the trimesters at least one qualification of five.


On point 1, after carried out each control or examination a school period will be dedicated to him, to the accomplishment of the exercises and questions raised by the professor of the module, in the presence of the students with his exercises corrected previously, of this form the student will be able to verify that the correction of its exercise is correct and will be able to take note from the committed errors.

On point 2, the practices are realised of individual form whenever there are sufficient equipment. In case of numerous group, one becomes in pairs. The writing yes is individualized and must rise the cloud. The delay of the delivery supposes a loss of 1 point per day of delay.

With respect to the section 3, the works that are asked for are individual (resolution of exercises). They are possible to be done at home and they must be raised the cloud to a concrete date. If they rise that date subsequent to, they are not described, reducing a 10% in the final note


Recovery of partial evaluations

Throughout each one of the trimesters the doubts will be solved and will try explanations of those contents in which the students with previous trimesters suspensions have difficulties.

A theoretical test of recovery for each partial evaluation will be realised as soon as it is possible. In addition those students and students who have not given to some practice or task or are described negatively will have to repeat them or to realise other compatible or complementary ones in the term established by the professor and to obtain a positive qualification in them.

extraordinary CALL OF RECOVERY OF the MODULE.

In case of not surpassing the module approving the partial evaluations or their corresponding recoveries, the pupils will have a final evaluation in June, where he will have to realise an examination of those partisans who have slopes, in that they will have to obtain a minimum qualification of five to surpass the module.

IMPORTANT: In order to facilitate the tasks to the pupils and considering MINIMUM CONTENTS anticipated for the module in Real Decreto 1632/2009, of 30 of October, by that the title settles down of Technician in Facilities of Telecommunications not surpassed, in the month of May and, before finalizing the school period, some will become tests for that one students who have slope some trimester.

Later, at the end of June it will be come to realise the mentioned theoretical tests again, with the previous premises.


10 Criteria of evaluation of Free configuration 2 course 

Criteria of evaluation


Throughout the trimester some settle down practice-examination that must be realised with the supervision of the professor. Each practice takes associate a note that will be average and that includes at every moment each one of the appraisable aspects before mentioned.

The dates of the deliveries of the works will be warned at least 48 ahead hours.

The maximum note (10) in each one of the practices acquires when the student gives the work in the anticipated time, with the greater speed, contributing clarity at work, as well as reasonable suggestions or alternatives in the resolution of the problem, with the respectful, participating attitude yet the collaborative group and with students who have difficulties in reaching the objectives of the module.

If a student lacks the day of the task, they will be able to give it to the following day whenever he justifies the lack with some medical document, where appropriate, or if he were by reason for forced fulfillment, voucher of the organism that has asked for him its presence.

The delivery of the exercises will become in block of 3, that will be risen the cloud (DRIVE) in the measurement which they finish

The maximum note sera of 10 if the 3 exercises with the criteria before mentioned are given. If lack some or well is not realised, it will reduce of the maximum note 3 points.

The work dynamics is therefore the following ones:

  1. Presentation of the practices to realise. Resolution of doubts. Debate in class on possible doubts.

  2. Home of the practice by the student in the jobs

  3. Delivery of the works to the cloud (DRIVE)

  4. A determined day, the professor evaluates the knowledge by means of the delivery and simulation in the computer of you practice them that he is called on to give. It will be notified with time suitable of the delivery of the works

  5. The final note of the trimester will be the average note of each block of practices.

If by some reason, the student cannot be evaluated by this methodology, will come himself to a theoretical-practical examination where, aside from answering some of the questions regarding the distributed matter in writing, he must solve and mount in the simulator a problem of home automation similar to the exposed ones in class.

If he suspects himself and, there are convincing tests that one of the student gives its works to another companion for its later delivery in class, will be suspended to them to both of the continuous evaluation. In this case, they have the obligation to follow given the works in class. Those works will be evaluated with a maximum of 4 points, that will be added to an examination in each evaluation, whose consideration will be of 60%.


The final qualification of the course will be constituted by the arithmetic mean of the qualifications obtained in each quarterly evaluation, being indispensable condition to approve the professional module obtaining a qualification of five or more than five on a calculation of ten. The note of associate with the one of the module of Home automation to establish a unique note


The recovery criteria will be:

During first and the second trimester partial or total recoveries of the conceptual and procedural contents will be realised.

adopting the criteria of indicated evaluation and qualification in section 9,3 that they allow the student to acquire Anticipated MINIMUM CONTENTS for the module of Free Configuration in Real Decreto 1632/2009, of 30 of October, by that the title of Technician in Facilities of Telecommunications settles down nonsurpassed.

The test consists of realising a theoretical-practical examination based on the distributed matter


A calendar of recovery in scholastic schedule will settle down, by the professor who distributes the module in the Formative Cycle, so that those students with the pending module, can recover the conceptual contents and procedural not realised or not approved as well as to raise questions that have not understood or he is difficult to understand to them.

As the needs of recovery of each student are different, it will be necessary to adapt this period of recovery according to the preferences of each student.

One will pay attention to this period of the month of April to June, an examination of conceptual contents global, all the raised and studied units of work throughout the course.

Given the practical character of the subject, it is evaluated on the basis of the different practices that will be asked for throughout the course, consisting of solving different problems with the theoretical contents previously set out in the class.