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Modules of the cycle of degree half Technician in Facilities of telecommunications
  2. Applied electronics (1º course)
  3. Infrastructures of system and data networks of telephony (1º course)
  4. Facilities of radio communications (2º course)
  5. Free configuration (2º course). Programmable LOGO robots
  6. Programming. Dates of examinations, works and practices


  1. Applied electronics (1º Course)
  2. Introduction to the electrical phenomena
  3. Components liabilities. Condensers. Theory and problems
  4. Circuit analysis in DC
  5. Electromagnetism
  6. Fundamental principles of the AC voltage
  7. Single-phase and three-phase circuits
  8. Active electronic components. To see the contents of 4º that Electronics
  9. Rectifiers and filters
  10. Power supplies
  11. Amplifying circuits
  12. Oscillating and circuits timers
  13. Introduction to the digital systems
  14. Combinacionales circuit analyses
  15. Sequential circuit analyses. Exercises with bistable JK
  16. Analog-to-digital converter
  17. Microprogrammable systems
Activities of Electronics
  1. Practices of electronics
  2. Calculation of currents and tension in resistivos circuits
  3. Design of a plate PCB
  4. Complete development of an electronic project
  5. Voltage multiplier

to routerPractices with Arduino

  1. Infrastructures of system and data networks of telephony (1º Course)
  2. Information and Communications.
  3. Infrastructures of data networks.
  4. Creation of subnetworks
  5. Practice to create a network in the classroom and technical office
  6. Networks of telephony. Practice 1. Practice 2. Configuration of switchboards PBX.
  7. Transmission networks. (Practical to mount a network). BRIEF manual of switch TP-Link DGs 1216t

Maintenance and repair of systems of telephony and data networks fulfilling the norms of prevention of labor risks and environmental protection.

  1. Contents of Facilities of radio communications (2º course) Basic concepts
  2. . Practice of oscilloscope
  3. Modulation and demodulation in amplitude (A.M.)
  4. Basic principles of terrestrial the analogical and digital television
  5. Digital television terrestrial DVB-T
  6. Basic principles of antennas
  7. Television by satellite. Facilities of satellite dishes.
  8. System of radio communications.
  9. Basic elements in facilities of radio communications
  10. Planes. Once studied the subject of the book, to realise one several planes with stamp (with data of the center and student), that incorporates all the necessary components in a radio link (cable, equipment of energy and renewable antenna, radio equipment, support, energy source, security system, etc). The plane can be done with any drawing program, as openoffice, proficad or CorelDraw
  11. Software in the equipment. It is necessary to consider that most of this subject already has been seen in the module of microcomputer science SystemsInstallation of elements
  12. . Installation of lightning rods
  13. Measures and tests. Measuring equipment in Telecommunications
  14. Technical manuals of the equipment
  15. Maintenance
Prevention of labor risks and environmental protection
  1. Other contents of interest
Practices with the Measurer of field.

Important note: The contents that are activities of study and investigation that must make the students (in major or minor measured, according to it is the self-taught profile of the same and its scientific base) Information for students of the cycle. This Web is the Even contribution of JC to help to students of the formative cycle of Technician of Facilities of Telecommunications of the is Mare nostrum. From this section we are going to show to a guide of activities and contents of the modules that I distribute as professor of cycles.

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