Analysis of circuits

Circuit analysis

Once sight the basic concepts on the tension and the current and, assuming that the current is synonymous of the amount of electrons that happen through the driver and the voltage drop in a resistance is synonymous of the loss of energy€ that loses the electron when happening through that resistance, we will see the following video that illustrates very well these concepts.


Activities and problems on circuits of DC.

Exercise 1. We in series have three connected resistance to a battery of 20 volts. in first 3 volts fall, in 2 6 volts. If the current that leaves the battery is 2 mA, to calculate the value of 3 resistance

Exercise 2.  We have a battery of 12 volts in the car but a device needs a tension 5 volts (a mobile shipper). To design a circuit with resistance to be able to feed the mobile with the 5 volts

Exercise 3. In the circuit of the figure, we have a circuit series of resistance of 0,5 W with the values that are indicated. To verify that no is burned when is connected to the battery.


Exercise 4. To calculate the currents and tension in each one of the resistancecircuit cc 1

Exercise 5. To calculate all the possible electrical values in the following circuit


Exercise 6. To calculate the powers consumed by all the resistance

To calculate power in the resistance

Exercise 7. In the circuit of the figure, to calculate the tension of the battery, if around the R1 resistance 20 circulate mA. To verify the result mounting the circuit with Proteus

calculate-value-it pounds

In circuit of inferior enmeshes in the part, we must calculate the currents in each enmeshes, the tensions that fall in each resistance and the currents that cross each component.circuit enmeshes 1

Exercise. We have added a battery but to the previous circuit. To calculate the currents and tension in each resistance.

Circuit enmeshes 2

To design a circuit with a LDR so that when the light falls, one ignites the centers of a car. For it we must make use of the tables characteristic of the LDR, that must look for in Internet. So that the Relay activates, (necessary to do it) it is necessary that mA circulates a current of 20 around the bonbinado one