Practice of network computers

In this simple practice we are going to simulate how would be to install a network of three complete computers using routers.


1 Conocer the functionalities routers

2 Montar a wireless simple network

3 Simular a network of swich for a three building of plnatas, using routes homemade.

It is possible to be shelp that router, as that we have in our houses, he is compound of two fundamental parts. 1 is the modem, whose function it is to connect with the supplier of Internet (ISP) and one second part of router, giving services to the PC that are connected to the same.

We will be mounting practices it little by little and knowing how they are these devices.

The first one router that we used is Huawai CPE B593. We show an image of the same next to a telephone that we have connected in the same.

modem 4g huawei

In the following image we will be able to verify how this device has an exit of telephone line to receive the incoming calls. In our case, we used a card SIM to obtain the services of Internet and, therefore, with this simple assembly, we have voice and data where one wants, without needing contracting a fixed line.

While we made the photo, we made a call to show how the icon of the telephone ignited, showing an incoming call.

In order to enter the same, we used typical direction

The internal panel is very simple. So far what he interests to us is the configuration LAN, that we showed it in the following waydhcp huawai

We see that:

  1. The IP of connections is the one of always,
  2. The mask * is
  3. Servant DHCP is active and therefore he is going to manage the delivery of an IP to each device that is connected
  4. The home of the IP is the 2 and the last the possible IP is

The previous mask indicates the part of the IP that can vary. That part comes indicated by the 0 and, therefore, in this case, the IP possible is those that vary the last part of their numeration.

What we have mounted would act to give access to Internet in one first plant, as much of wireless form as by cable, (although by cable we only can connect 3 devices, in this case)

We install the other routers for plant 2 and the 3. The entrance of data of each router


We have at the rear of this router (now we used some TP-link) the WAN entrance that are used us for entada and exit of data. From this port Repeater 2 is going away to communicate with the main one. Also we see has 4 out ports, of which one will be used to take the data to plant 3 where we have the other repeater (ours swich simulated).

We happen to mount the complete network. For it, we must change the configuration of each router, regarding its LAN. Each of them has assigned the same door of connection and to create the complete network without generating conflicts.

We show how they remain connected each element. We see how the Huawai has the telephone entrance (gray) and how of one it enters the other by the corresponding connectors.connection of routers for network

In order to form router and to change the access door, we must puncture in the LAN and change by and for the third party. We leave the equal mask and we kept

panel tp link

The image following sample the wireless of router where, initially it is acting as repeated of another network (when active being the square Inable WDS Bridging). The network that repeats (erased partially) comes indicated in the part inferior. So that one takes place a bridge must put the name of the network, its MAC and the key of that network. In our case, we deactivated that option.

tp link as repeater

In Status, we must indicate when router, how we are going to connect itself to Internet. In our case we decided on WANpanel_tp-link-internet-access

With this it is sufficient. What we do in one of routers becomes in the other, with the reservation to form the IP of access and the network well wifi of each. In our case we have put SSID Repeating 1 and Repetidor2.

Once finalized the process, with CMD of Windows, we make ipconfig to see how it has been and that IP we have assigned (we have connected itself by wifi to the last network).

We see that the wireless adapter has assigned the IP and that the door of connection with router is the one that we put for that device.