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  1. Activities Computer science 2º THAT
  2. We have ourselves gave of vacation and to the return, we printed a document with the printer. The problem is that it leaves rather badly, with spots and without defining the text. That has happened? . What type of printer is?
  3. We make a rug with a very white and homogenous plastic (without imperfections in the surface). When proving it does not work it. That you think that it happens?
  4. When connecting one webcam in the computer, does not work. That we would have to do before connecting it?
  5. We buy a computer and we see that it does not have parallel port. It can be a problem?
  6. If we want to put music that reproduces in a portable CD, What connection we must use?
  7. The function that has a mall pillow of a hard disk is ................................................
  8. In the store, a commercial one offers a disc to us of 1 500 TV to 5200 rpm and another one of 7200 Megabyte to rpm. If in my work I need speed,  What of them agrees to me but?
  9. Can Whichever hard disks have in a computer?
  10.  Whichever ventilators it has in a PC and where they are
  11.  Because you think that the portable ones are blocked when it has spent some years from his purchase. It has to do with the dust?
  12.  The BIOS we formed it so that it always takes us from the CD, but of a time until today, when starting, everything what I program to him has erased and it always does the same. Sight in the plate mother and thinks to what this problem is due and as it is solved
  13.   A monitor has a width of 40 cm in width by 30 of stop. When we bought a monitor of 17 ″ means that the diagonal of the screens measures 17 “. To calculate the inches of the monitor knowing that one inch is 2.54 cm.
  14.   That piece of the PC is the one that is in charge to make the mathematical calculations
  15.   In ______when extinguishing the computer, flock the information
  16.   There is another device, aside from the hard disk, that keeps information I include dull. What is.
  17.   We have passed of the camera to the PC a photo and by negligence we have erased it. In addition we make cleaning of the wastebasket and right at that moment we realize error. We can reclaim the photo. The answer reasons

We have a hard disk with much information it jeopardize (Russian spies in England, planes of UFOS, information of powerful politicians, the last pose of Ana obrego… Uff). If we want to eliminate it, what you would do in the hard disk (it is not worth to throw it nor to break it)

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