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Subject 6. Graphical design by computer

Subject 7. The spreadsheet

Subject 8. Computer science networks

  1. Subject 9 Internet and Communication
  2. Graphical program of vectorial points and. As the images treat each and that differences exist. You can use an example of how you would create a circumference a program of points and one vectorial one
  3. That advantages has a vectorial program with respect to one of points?
  4. That is a pixel?
  5. In order to represent a doughnut we can use a vectorial program or one of points. That file will be greater?
  6. Meaning of ppp. To what it makes reference?
  7. We have a depth of color of 16 bits. To calculate the number of colors
  8. For a depth of color of 24 bit, to calculate whichever colors we can represent.
  9. We have a photography with 400 horizontally pixels and 300 vertically. If we used 8 bits for each pixels, to calculate the size of the photo in bytes.
  10. It realises a table where you indicate for archives png, bmp, GIF and jpg if
  11. a) they are vectorial or of points, b) can be shown in the navigators and cs) can be compressed
  12. Differences between file compression with losses of quality and without losses
  13. It explains that it is a program CAD and so that they serve
  14. For the Spreadsheet, we at home realised a study of the time that we have connected the 10 electric home appliances but habitual and the time. Having in that the Kwh costs 15 pennies of Euro, to make a representation in the notebook of how we must make the spreadsheet. Once finished, we took to the data to a leaf of the program Open Office Calc. Note. If you can do it at home, better. If you do not have PC, we will do it in class
  15. Where lodge does a webpage?
  16. As the programs are called that allow to see a webpage?
  17. Differences between a servant and a client
  18. An administrator is ......
  19. Meaning of LAN MAN and WAN
  20. The average ones to transmit data are, mainly 3. Each type with his advantages and disadvantages explains
  21. Functions of router
  22. Difference between a concentrator and a commutator
  23. What is the TCP protocol?
  24. At the time of forming a network, we have in the TCP/IP window direction IP and the door of connection. It explains that it means each term and pon an example of values (real values that allow that an equipment is connected to the network)
  25. Why they serve servers DNS?
  26. If a portable equipment does not have the network adapter WIFI. As we can solve it?
  27. It writes 3 examples of IP
  28. Public and private directions IP. Differences
  29. DSL. Important characteristics but
  30. They summarize the structure of the e-mail. How one is made up, smtp and POP3

Types of programs taking care of the type of license

Design PCB