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Minimum contents technology 3º THAT

  1.  Problems and questions based on the minimum contents of Technology 3º THAT
  2. It explains that they are the Thermoplastic ones. Two examples of this plastic type
  3. Heat-stable. Fundamental properties.
  4. It draws the molecular network of each plastic type and justifies the properties that it has on the basis of the network
  5. What makes to the elastomer be so elastic?
  6. It explains with the help of a drawing the manufacture by extrusion.
  7. With the help of a drawing, it explains of what it consists the method of Injection and it names some example of an object that makes by that system
  8. Influence of the heat in Thermoplastic and the Heat-stable ones
  9. Because each plastic requires a type of glue to unite them?
  10. Ecological properties of plastics.
  11. Process of Polymerisation
  12. That happens to him to a heat-stable one if we warmed up too much to him?
  13. Similarities and differences between the materials made with clays and glasses
  14.  As the flat glass makes.
  15. Operation of tempering in the manufacture process. That function has?
  16. What are the material binders?  . Examples
  17. Tensile strenght from largest to smallest enumerates three materials used in the construction
  18. Just like the previous exercise but with the traction
  19. Differences between the reinforced concrete and the prestressed one.
  20. As the Reinforced concrete makes.
  21. To calculate the density of a stone of 500 kg that when entering it a bathtub filled with water, evacuate 250 liters of water
  22.  Examples of stony materials:
  23. It realises a drawing of a house of two plants and indicates all the more important constructive elements
  24. As one makes the ceramic materials?
  25. Types of handle. He explains as he works. An example of each type writes
  26. train of gearsRelation that exists between the force which they appear in a handle. The USA for the explanation with a simple example
  27. handleIn the following image we have a game of gears. If the wheel To tour to the right at a speed of 40 rpm, To calculate the direction of rotation of wheel D, if we have the following data: Teeth of A, Give = 100, Teeth of wheel B, that is to say, Db = 60, 20 Dc = and Dd = 15
  28. In the handle of the figure,  that it forces it is necessary to exert if we have a load of 1000 Nw to a distance of 2 meters of the strongpoint?
  29.   In the system of movable and fixed pulleys, to calculate the force that there is to apply in the end of the cord to maintain the weight
  30. That type of handle is the left. What force is necessary to apply in the end of the handle?
  31. It completes the hollows of the detail in the figure
  32. It explains the motor of 4 times
  33. It draws the fundamental parts of the turbojet and explains as it works.
  34. Principle of action reaction
  35. Differences between a diesel engine and one of gasoline Pliers
  36. In order to remove a screw it is necessary to apply a force of 2000 Nw. It is used some pliers as the represented one in the figure. To say to that type of handle belongs and calculating the force that there is to exert in the handle (extreme)
  37.  He defines the electrical current. Difference between the DC and the AC voltage.
  38. What is the resistance. How one is moderate.
  39. Law that relates the current and the resistance
  40. Difference between Energy and Power. Units that are used
  41. In the shipper of a mobile it comes the following data: 220 V-100 mA (1 mA = 0.001 A). a) Calculates power b) Energy consumed to the year if it connects during 6 hours every 4 days.  That we phelp if the Kwh costs 0.18 €/kWh.
  42. It realises a drawing of a thermal power plant and explains each component
  43. That function has the transformer?
  44. In the circuit of the figure, to calculate the current that leaves the battery.
  45. To calculate the value of the equivalent Resistance of this circuit. 3º resistance is of 10 Kilo-Ohm.
  46. In the following circuit, to calculate the current that leaves the battery
  47. To calculate the intensity that happens through each resistance
  48. To calculate the equivalent resistance of the following circuit
  49. Differences between pulser, switch and commutator. Electrical symbol of each.
  50. So that a race aim is used?
  51. The relay.
  52. Types of renewable and nonrenewable energy.
  53. Thermal solar power station. Operation. Differences between the photovoltaic lot.
  54. Gas thermal power plant. It explains the function of each element that composes it (the basic ones)
  55. Function of the transformer in the power plant
  56. Aeolian energy. It explains as one takes place and it draws a small installation
  57. In a hydroelectric power station the energy of the water is used to produce electricity. It explains as it is obtained
  58. Function of the turbine in the power plant. Where it is necessary and where no?
  59. That advantages has a vectorial program with respect to one of points?
  60. Digital file compression with and without loss of quality. Of what each consists, since it becomes and examples of each
  61.  Formats of images that can turn in the navigators without needing pluggins.
  62. What is a pixel?
  63. Definition of resolution in a map of points
  64. It explains that it is the depth of color
  65. What mean abbreviations CAD and to what are applied?
  66. Utilities of the spreadsheet.
  67. As a graph within a spreadsheet is applied?
  68. In the program of Open office, we have the following functions: a) AVERAGE,   b) POWER, c) PRODUCT. As we arrived at them and how they are used
  69.  As a cell of a data base is protected
  70.  We have a depth of color of 6 bits. To calculate the number of colors
  71.  Differences between a servant and a client
  72. Meaning of LAN MAN and WAN.
  73. Functions of router
  74. Differences between a concentrator, a commutator and router.
  75.  Why it serves to the commando ipconfig as the console of Windows?
  76.  The average ones to transmit data are, mainly 3. Each type with his advantages and disadvantages explains
  77. Public and private directions IP. Differences. It writes 3 examples of IP
  78. It writes 4 directions IP for four equipment of the same network
  79. What is a network P2P?
  80. It explains what is protocol TCP/IP.
  81. Why it serves to the order ping?
  82. In an asymmetric connection to Internet, the speed of slope and ascent are not the same.  What is greater. What would happen if it were the other way around?
  83. It indicates what data you need to form an e-mail account.
  84. Programs of instantaneous mail. It explains that they are
  85. It defines that they are the social networks. Examples
  86. The program that is used to sail denominates ___________
  87. Utility of servers DNS
  88. Name of domain. Meaning
  89. Of what the communication in packages in protocol TCP/IP consists
  90. Types of mesh wirings. Advantages and disadvantages of each

Radio networks. Advantages and disadvantages with respect to the cable

Design PCB