He is worth the trouble to contract night rate?

He is worth the trouble to contract night rate?

You like to save (289 ‚¬/a±o of saving in my case) and of step to diminish the ecological track. 

Wind energy

Night rate is a special tariff that offers the electrical companies where a series of hours (night and part of the day) with the electricity a cheap 50% but and outside those hours exists, takes place an increase of the 20% on the general tariff. To the cheap hours they are called hours valley and to the expensive rush hours.

If we are in summer schedule, the hours valley begin 11 at night and finish to the 13:00. 14 hours to consume electricity 

If it is winter, it begins the 22:00 until the 12:00

Many articles always exist on if it interests or no, from an economic point of view, but everything in the life is not money. We are going to also consider how it influences in our surroundings.

It is not either necessary to forget that Spain is born importer of Oil and in addition we must pay rates by CO2 emissions, that is to say, we would have to collaborate all to make a cleaner world

On the other hand, we were with situations of consumption tips, by circumstances of waves of cold or heat that implies ominous situations as:

  1. Increase of the KWh
  2. Transforming deterioration (it increases the load and it overheats the windings)
  3. Entrance in operations of polluting power stations (coal, combined cycle, etc), that are the people in charge of the CO2 emissions.

Is cleaner the nocturnal energy?

There are generating plants that cannot stop or do not have sense to stop them. Among them we have the Aeolian one. In the image inferior is a graph of the average production of the aerogenerators, a day any.

If we go to the REE Web, we can obtain for other days, seeing the evolution per hours and days. I am useful to give my congratulations to our Portuguese neighbors, who secure many days to consume energy of Aeolian source exclusively.

It is necessary to consider that the tips are going to agree with the speed tips that then have the air, as it is evident, and can happen by day as much as at night.

The Aeolian energy that is not used, is lost, except for exceptional cases as the island of the Iron, that uses the hydroelectric one of Gorona to provide renewable energy, taking advantage of the low Aeolian use the nocturnal one to fill up the water tank.

Therefore, if at night there is nobody uses that energy, we are failing to take advantage of the electricity. If we consume, we will stop consuming nonrenewable energy

Another one of the energies of the mix power one€ is to nuclear, that although does not contribute to global warming, is a security problem, as much in the production of the same, as in the treatment of residues. Either for at night. To see but details in the part inferior of the page

Well Done

Real case. Step to set out my own case, specifying habits and electric home appliances

  1.  Hot water by means of thermus of 100 liters, with an independent programmer (they are possible to be found by 5 ‚¬)
  2. Washing machine, dishwasher, furnace and vitro
  3. Refrigerator combi A+ class
  4. Residing 3 people in the house
  5. The rest of electric home appliances does not have importance, dice his under consumption (illumination LED, anything of halogenous and only one incandescent light bulb with 40 blue filter of W for the study

To have night rate must suppose to change to some habits, that step to enunciate

  1.  To put the dishwasher at the home of the tariff valley.
  2. To put the washing machine at night (between 10 and 12 at night) or, if the washing machine has timer, to create a delay so that one begins in the morning to 6 0 7 and that can be lain down when rising to us
  3. In my case, we centered almost all the tap in the week ends
  4. To put a programmer to the thermus so that it begins 9 in the morning and is cut to the 12:00. 
  5. We cannot avoid to use the furnace and vitro in rush hours, being his but now expensive consumption.
  6. The kitchen with pots of high pressure (without loss of steam) also help to the electrical saving, given to the rapidity with which it cooks.

We go with the data:

1 In the month of September, receipt an invoice for the sum of 95,21 ‚¬. In the removal we see a fixed term (14,88 but IVA), that corresponds to 3.3 KW. This is the normal thing in a house.

Soon we have 58,96 of consumption from the 15/8 to the 24/9. Altogether 40 days.

In the invoice, we have detailed that on my cost is applied a tax on the electricity, marked as

Tax of electricity: Special tax to the type of 5.11269632% on the product of the invoicing of the electricity


Then this we must it consider, because the real tax that is pleased is not 21% of the IVA, but 26.11%.

If we applied this percentage on my consumption, we have:

Consumption Energy to d­a= (58,96 * 1.2611)/40 = 1,8588 ‚¬

For the half daily price in invoice, we have:

Total daily consumption = (95,21)/40 = 2.38 ‚¬

2 Miro in the Web to see since my consumption in the month of October has evolved.


This has good dot. It is possible to be seen that clear the blue strips (hours valleys) are majors enough that the blue ones. It is foreseeable that the invoice shows to a cost of energy inferior enough the month of September

Invoice of the following month

The reception of the invoice following sample the following data

In the invoice of above we have in 58 days, we have spent 92.15 ‚¬

The daily cost is 92.15/58 = 1,588 ‚¬

In the previous receipt, I have 2.38 ‚¬


The saving half considered   to the year it is of:

(2,38   €“ 1,588) ‚¬ * 365 289.17 days = ‚¬ of saving











Some curiosities:

Because they do not stop the nuclear power stations at night?

nuclear fission

The nuclear fuel is made up of enriched uranium or plutonium, that produces energy when it is bombed by neutrons. When the nucleus is broken, aside from generating the energy, it is generated but neutrons, which contributes to the chain reaction. This reaction has to be controlled (so that it is not a pump), and for it are used the lead bars, that are able to stop the suitable neutron number

This chain reaction allows to obtain a great reactor power, being generated great energies. It is possible to be lessen with the bars within the reactor, but to stop primary the radioactive disintegration is impossible.

Therefore, in a reactor, always energy is being generated, even during the nuclear slow motion€.