Activities Subject 1 of Networks

  1.  To calculate the period and wavelength of a wave of microwaves whose frequency is 1.5 GHZ.
  2. We have a radio signal and we measured 10 complete waves in 100 milliseconds. to calculate the frequency and the wavelength
  3. If we have a wavelength of 0.005 millionth of meter, to calculate the frequency of the electromagnetic signal.
  4.  A wave of the sea has between a crest and following a distance of 6 meters. We observe that a buoy takes in lowering and raising about 2 seconds. To calculate the frequency and wavelength.
  5. That the previous wave in crossing 6 km takes?
  6.  The way of specific transmission how they transmit the information between two devices of a network. It explains the types whom there are with his characteristics.
  7. The network that we at home have when putting router, is one ________
  8. By some example of a network MAN
  9. It writes guided and not guided examples of transmission medium
  10. A digital system uses 10 bits. To calculate the number of characters that can be defined
  11.  It happens to binary numbers 70, 56 and 107
  12.  It passes to decimal numbers 100101, 100010101 and 100010001
  13.  It explains the ring network. It realises a drawing. What happens if a cable is cut?
  14. We have a topology of enmeshes complete with 10 computers. Whichever cables we needed to make the network?
  15. A network has direction IP To calculate whichever computers we can connect if all of them begin by 192.168.1.X
  16. In a company they ask to us that we take 190 cables of 22 meters for a network of enmeshes complete next to network cards to install in the PC. When happening the information through fax, the data of the number of cards does not leave and we cannot put to us with the company in touch.  How we can find out the number of PC that they have. To make the opportune calculations.
  17. What Topology of network more is adapted with respect to the saving, if we want to put a network with a central servant in a line of meter with 12 stops?
  18.  It realises a drawing of a multiplexer by frequency, explaining the function of each block. The 5 signals that we must transmit go from 0.5 to Khz. It designs the complete system considering this aspect.
  19. Types of filtersIn the Image of the figure, they appear represented the electrical symbolism of 4 types of filters. To say to what corresponds with a brief description of the same
  20. In the following image we have the graph of how it varies a signal in function to the frequency when it has happened through a determined filter. Next to the side of the graphic one, to say that type of filter has taken part so that he gives that resultExamples of graphs of filters
  21.  He explains to summarized way the model OSI
  22. In the model OSI, that he castrates is in charge to divide€ the information?
  23. We have a signal with a frequency of 1 KH. That signal can take as much positive values as negative and we want to digitize it. If we want to take 50 samples by cycle and each sample requires of a byte, to calculate the rate of required transference.