Office automation

Office open is a suite that contains several applications that we are going to use, as they are the text processor, etc, spreadsheet

1 Part

First of all, we opened the text processor and we carried out the following tasks.

Important: The work can deal with any subject that interests to you. It is possible to be copied of some Web to avoid to write it or is possible to be taken advantage of the occasion to happen to clean some notes of some subject.

1 Escribir a text that incorporates several sources

2 One of the phrases must be in bold and another one in cursive

3 One of the phrases must have a color bottom

4 a title of the paragraph will be centered

5 Construir a table where some of the cells must have a basic color

6 In a paragraph must have a photo. The text must be aligned on the left part

7 a word must have hiper-connects (it connects to another Web)

8 One second table we will do it with a bottom of the gallery that brings the program. If the program does not allow it, to apply a bottom from this gallery to some page

9 Using some of the tables, to incorporate some symbols (Greek letters, mathematical symbols, etc)

10 Incorpora a heading or a footer

11 Making use of the diagrams, incorporates one of your interest in some of its forms. It can be a graph that represents the number of students by course, the average temperatures in the last 10 years, etc. Can look for in Internet the necessary data.

12 within the drawing options (to show drawing options) to incorporate some figure predetermined as emoticons, moons, flow chart, stars, etc. Ababa with a text of fontwork (also on the same bar of drawing)

2 Part.  Spreadsheet: 

As first contact of this application, we will make a leaf where one includes the electric home appliances, the consumption and the time that work to determine the power cost from a house to the year. Later we will do it with night rate

If the tariff is the normal one, we took a price from 0.14 pennies the KWh (September 2014).  In order to calculate the consumption it is come from the following form:

  •  We take the time and we multiplied it by the watts (Power of the element)
  •  We divide by thousands (to happen to Kwh). The time must be in fraction of hour, that is 30 minutes it is due to put 0,5.
  •  We add all the consumptions to obtain the total consumption
  •  One multiplies by 30 (30 days to the month) and by 12 (12 months) to obtain the power consumption to the year
  • One multiplies by the value of the square where the price of the Kwh is included. For example, if the square is the J10, it is necessary to create a line where the cost to the year is specified and the value of the annual consumption by J10 multiplies and of dividing percent (to pass it to Euros)

It is necessary to consider that the spreadsheet multiplies the squares, this is if I want to multiply 2 by 5 is necessary to make C2 x C5, supposing that they occupy those squares.

Night rate

It understands two schedules with two prices. The hour valley goes from of 21:00 to 11:00 hours in winter and from 22:00 to 12:00 hours (in summer), that is we have 14 hours to a price reduced of 6centimos of euros/kw/hora and the rest to 16 pennies (in tip schedule) To see tabala

Energy (‚¬/kWh) Cost by consumed Energy
Normal tariff 14 the hundredth /kwh
Night rate Price End to 16,8 pennies  Price Valley 6.1 pennies

To create graphs in the spreadsheet
In order to complete our work and after evaluating if he is interesting to contract night rate, we are going to realise a graph of the consumption of each equipment

1. We must select the data that you want to represent in the graph (in our case the energy that is consumed by each equipment). If we want that they add the legend, that is that indicates the name of equipment, one is due to select to all the fields and not only the powers
2. To go to menu chooses To insert and Diagram later
3. The window will be opened that indicates 1 and completes cell that is going to be considered for the diagram. To puncture in insert diagram in calculation leaf

If we continued sailing by the different options. Better the diagram will be considered than it contributes but details.

The consumptions of different equipment are

Electric home appliance


250 watts
Toasting 500 watts
Fluorescent tube 40 watts
Dishwasher 1500 W
Refrigerator 200 W
Dryer 700 watts
Microwaves 900 W
Radio 40 watts
Water pump 1/2HP 440 watts
Video recorder 100 watts
Lamp 60 watts
Food processor 750 watts
Centrifugal Secarropas 450 watts
Washing machine
400 watts
Equipment of music 80 watts
Enceradora 500 watts
Ventilator 100 watts
Coffee pot 900 watts
Furnace microwaves 1200 watts
Plate (to divide by two the time) 1500 watts
Vacuum cleaner 1200 watts
TV LCD 32 180 watts
TV 32 €³ LED  50 W
Computer tablecloth 150 W
Portable computer
30 W
 Brazier  500 W by resistance
 Video game console (Xbox, wii)  50 Å‚
 Vitrocer¡mica  500 to 800 W
Electrical furnace 2200 watts
Electrical heater 1000 watts
Air conditioning   1000 watts
Freezer (half of the time works) 400 W

3 Part.  Creating a data base.

The data base that includes Open office allows us to store interest data on the thematic one that we want.

A data base is a file that has built-in several functions. The fundamental one is the table, that is to say, where we are going to organize the data. It is as having a closet of office where the data keep from the clients and each drawer would be a table.

Each table has a series of fields where the specific data keep, for example, name, last names, etc. The set of fields that correspond to the same subject denominates registry.

For example, we can begin to take data from our friend and include them in the data base. We are going to have the data base, that includes the table friendly and that, as well, the table friendly has so many fields as details we need our friendly, as age, name, address, etc.

Each friend is a registry.

Step 1: We open to Open office and we created a new data base. A window is opened that asks to us  What wishes to do. We puncture in creating a data base, give following and we selected not to register the base in

create-it bases
to create data base

Step 2. We create the table. The data base that we have created will show an image to us as which it appears upon these lines. We puncture in Creating a table.

Step 3. We form the table. Now the moment has arrived for thinking that data we must keep because they are those that are going to form the registry. We begin by the name. In the image of down it appears how is the creation of a field any.

  1. First it is to put how the field is called, in our case, we put Name (to put the name of the friend).
  2. Later, in circle orange, it appears what type of field is going to be. In this case we took it as text, but it could be of the numerical type, date, boolean, etc.
  3. To the right we can add a commentary on this registry. Any thing can be put because this does not appear in the table.
  4. More down, Entered required it indicates to us if it is obligatory to complete this field and
  5. Length indicates the maximum length to us assigned to this field.
To create table open office

Step 3:  We return to make the same passages for each one of the necessary registries, one for last names, another one for date of birth, etc.

to put name to the table

Step 4. Once we finished making all the steps, we punctured in keeping table for which they are going to ask to us for the name which we want to put. To see image

Step 5. In the following step, before the table is kept, it will leave a window to us warning having shelp: No primary key. It wishes

We must say yes that. The primary key is a new field that is added to him to the table where a unique numerical value to each registry keeps, so that the first friend will have you go 1, 2 friend you go 2, etc.

Step 6. When closing the window of the table, we return to the data base, where table 1 is going away to show in the part inferior. If we want to make some change in her, to put the mouse on the name of the table and to press right button of the mouse. It appears a menu where we must Publish

To incorporate data to the registries

Step 7. To puncture on the table. Will be to a window with them name of the fields so that we are completing each registry. The new registries appear single. To complete all with a minimum of 15 registries. For a few registries, to see the image of the right

Step 8. We make a consultation. The idea of the data base is that we can accede to the registries of fast form. If we have 10000 registries will take long time search the data that interests to us. We are going to use an application that is the filter, by which, we are going to have the data that some comply with certain conditions. For it, to puncture in the icon of standard Filter. One will be a menu to choose that field will be taken, the condition and the value. In our case, we want to know whatever are called Pedro. To do the same one and to verify that it is executed well

Filters on the basis of data


It lets a commentary