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Clean the windows better on a cloudy day, but not rainy. The fact is that if you clean the windows under the direct rays of the sun, the window will show up, as the cleaning agent will dry before it is washed away.

Most professional cleaners use cold and clean water to clean the windows. If the windows are very dirty, add 2-3 spoonful of vinegar per liter of water. In order to dry the windows, use a newspaper that is not inferior in efficiency to paper towels and is much cheaper. Protect your hands with rubber gloves. There are reputable home cleaning services also.

Cleaning of floors wooden floors

If done correctly, parquet floors are the easiest in cleaning and maintenance. You will need a special cleaning solution for wood and a light mop, something like a mop with a micro-fiber will do just right. The companies of the best flooring Singapore services are there now.

Vinyl floors: Such floors should be cleaned so as not to erase the paintwork, otherwise they will lose all the gloss. Therefore, you should use a neutral pH cleaner. Stone floors: Being one of the hardiest floors, after installation, the stone floor will never require replacement. But it is for this reason that you must keep the floors of stone clean. Basically, any type of vacuum cleaner is suitable for this task.

The main advantage of laminated parquet is, of course, the price. Synthetic material is very cheap compared to natural wood species. Along with everything, laminate has other advantages inherent in parquet. It is very resistant to scratches, dents, impacts of heavy objects. Even if a company rolls into your room, you do not have to worry about the condition of the laminate.

Laminate is not only extremely durable; it is also environmentally friendly and harmless, resistant to chemicals and solvents. If someone spilled paint on the floor, it is easy to remove with acetone, without causing any harm to the laminate. Laminate does not need to be polished, it’s easy to take care of, it’s enough to hold it with a wet cloth once, and your floor will shine with cleanliness. The next factor, to which you should pay attention – it’s easy to install laminated parquet. Simple technology on the principle of “spike in the groove” allows you to achieve a smooth, almost seamless surface.

Disadvantages of laminated parquet

Of course, despite the large number of advantages, the laminate has its drawbacks. The most important disadvantage is the fragility of the laminated coating, as a rule, it is rare what coatings can last more than 10 years, the laminate that has served its time cannot be recycled and varnished again; the only solution is to change it to a new one. Another important drawback is that the laminate does not like water, especially its edges. Therefore, it is necessary to arrange protection against moisture. The edges should be treated with a waterproof coating.

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