How to properly equip the garage, so that everything was at hand

The organization of work and storage in the garage is a task for a true master of all trades. Here are some ideas that will help you quickly and without additional costs to turn your garage into a place of pilgrimage of envious neighbors. You just need to spend a little time.

Planning space in the garage is a seemingly simple and inexpensive procedure. And yet she almost always puzzles especially those of us who love order, good tools and manual labor at the same time. It does not matter if you have a large garage or a small box that hardly has room for a single car – you can always allocate additional centimeters to store the necessary equipment. You can equip the garage with your own hands with the help of home garage articles if you remember some tricks of the equipment of working areas.


Zoning for a garage is just as important as for a kitchen-dining room or any other multifunctional space. If you can properly identify your main work areas, consider, half the work is done. You will only have to fill them with convenient shelving and wonder how you did not notice before what a big garage you have.

  • Passing zone. This is the place where you should always be free. Place there only those items that you need at the exit: shoes, jackets and coats, keys and bags.
  • Easy Access Zone. This is the kingdom of everyday trivia. Put everything here that you need constantly and, as a rule, urgently: animal feed, canned food, recyclable. If you store food in the garage, bought for a week in advance, they should be placed on this shelf.
  • High. Subtle. Here it is necessary to place rakes, shovels, brooms, any oversized equipment for cleaning the yard and the garage itself. In this place there should be objects that will not make you huddle between the rack and the open door of the parked car.
  • Large storage. Large, uncomfortable and rarely used items should be sent to an area that does not impede passage and travel. Ideally – to hang under the ceiling or put on the mezzanine. The first candidates – tourist and seasonal equipment, items for festive decor and so on. The less often a thing is used, the farther and farther it must be located, so as not to interfere with the optimal use of the rest of the space.
  • Commonly used things. The more often you use the object, the closer to you it should be. A shovel for raking snow in winter or a broom in the summer should stand in front of the garage door, behind it or even on it. Within easy reach is also to put the seasonal sports equipment that you are using right now, car pump, etc.
  • What are your hobbies? Create an ideal corner for your favorite hobby, whether it’s gardening, woodworking, car service whether it’s gardening, woodworking, car service, Locksmith Service or something or something. Focus on your needs and make a universal folding workbench and cabinets to store all the necessary trivia. Then your hobby will not only give you great pleasure, but also stop annoying your family.

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