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The chocolate small house

chocolate small houseVersion adapted by Juan Carlos Parejo (Depart Technology of the is Pedro de Valdivia

As every morning, the hundreds of enanitos that lived in the chocolate small house left to work to the field. Fed up to raise water buckets from the well the irrigation system that used to water their plantations, they ordered to Arqui, a friend of all the life, equipment that facilitated the task to them

Arqui, that was everything small hands, I construct a tube in whose interior there was a screw countless number.  They called it the screw of ArquiArchimedes screw


The first day all were enchanted with the invention and charter to verify as it worked

The enanitos, customary the hard work, began to turn the crank and, with great astonishment and joy, it saw the water raise with great lightness. But little hard the invention. The materials that the Screw of Arqui used did not hold the force of the enanitos and it spoiled soon after.

As good friend who was, Arqui promised   to always construct others but with the commitment that did not turn the crank with much force. As the enanitos already were known as they were, they decided to cut firewood before going through the irrigation system, of that form, the screw would not undergo and would last per years and years.


 Every morning, the enanitos left the chocolate small house (it pounds or source) were stopped by the way in the forest to cut milks (resistance), which was very resistant and it made him lose part of his energy. Once they finished, they went away to the screw of arqui, (Diode LED, motor, light bulb or any other load) and one behind another one rotated the screw so that the water raised and watered by means of the channels, its fields.

cup chocolateWhen they finished removing the water, as soon as they had energy, only the joust to return to house and to take, again, a Tacitus of chocolate that contributed the energy to him sufficient to cross the previous circuit again.


About this story it thinks that:

  1.  The enanitos are electrons, to but enanitos but electrons and therefore but current intensity (Milliamperes)

  2. The force that they have when leaving house is the volts, that lose them when cutting the wood and when raising the water

  3. The trunk represents the resistance of the circuit

  4. The screw represents the load, in our case diode LED

  5. The chocolate small house is the battery or the power supply (shipper). When they leave, it has the maximum energy that loses it by the way. When they arrive, as soon as they have energy, but when giving them the chocolate cup, retake the energy again

  6. If we have but fields, but screws make lack. The way is the same and of the house it must leave but enanitos (electrons) that they will have to lose something of energy cutting firewood (resistance) until arriving at them screw from Archimedes (parallel).

And colorín Colorado, this story has finished.


If you are going to cut wood, you do not forget to take a good cup from chocolate



Technology of that is Pedro de Valdivia