Tips for Moving with Children

Moving all by yourself is a big hassle. Adding kids to the list can make it one of your worst experiences in life. Moving is one thing that most parents dread day and night. Some parents might even turn down a job transfer all because of the pressure they don’t want to subject themselves and their kids. But, a move could give you and your family the big change that you have been waiting for. Therefore, if you must move, the following are tips on how to move with children.

  1. Do the Packing at Night when They are Asleep

Kids do love their stuff, especially toys. If you decide to put their toys in boxes right before their eyes, then you are going to face it rough. Be smart about it and pack when they are asleep. But, make sure you don’t pack their favourite items till the last evening when the removal company is due to arrive.

  1. Seek Babysitting Services

One thing that you need to know is that you will need more help with the kids than with the packing. Children can be a big distraction when you are packing. They are likely to get in your way. Therefore, the best way to avoid that is by having a babysitter around. They will help watch the kids for you as you do your thing.

  1. Begin Preparations as Early as Possible

Moving with kids isn’t a walk in the park. You need to make preparations months and not even weeks before the move. Also, ensure that you have informed your kids earlier in advance. This will help prepare them psychologically. If you have a big family, then you should begin packing up earlier.

  1. Pack everyone’s Belongings Separately

To avoid having a meltdown once you arrive at your new home, make sure that you pack everyone’s items separately. Don’t mix your items with those of your baby. This can cause some confusion, especially if you have teenage kids and younger ones. This way, it will be easy to find a person’s belongings with ease. You should also pack essentials separately. It will help make things run smoothly once you arrive in your new home before you unpack everything.

  1. Involve Your Kids in the Move

Make your children part of the move. It can be a bit difficult for kids to leave behind their friends. Therefore, ensure they understand why you are moving to a new place. You should also let them choose the neighbourhood or house you should move into. Involving them in your move will make the transition easier.

The above are 5 essential tips that will guarantee a smooth move with your children. Your child can be of great help when you are moving. Provided you make him/her understand the importance of moving to that new place.


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